Frequently Asked Questions

Lesson Policies

Please be on time to your lesson. If you are more than 15 minutes late the lesson will be an unmounted (groundwork) lesson. 

All riders must fill out a release form for Samantha as well as Willow Rock Ranch (if the lesson is taking place at Willow Rock Ranch). You can find the release forms here.

Cancellations made less than 24 hours in advance are full charge. 

Weekly riders are given priority for lesson times. Other lessons will be scheduled as time permits. 

Samantha will notify you as soon as possible regarding canceling due to weather. There are times the weather at the ranch is different than the rest of San Diego. Lessons will be unmounted if the weather is unsuitable for riding. 

Unmounted lessons are a very important part of learning to work with horses. They are just as valuable as learning how to ride. If the weather conditions are unsuitable for riding, unmounted lessons will be offered. There may be times riding is unavailable and unmounted will be offered either at the ranch or on Zoom. Canceling an unmounted lesson 24 hours or less in advance will result in a charge for the lesson 


What should I know about the Ranch?

PLEASE DRIVE SLOW, speed limit is 5mph on the dirt road. 

What do I need to bring/wear for my lesson?

Please come wearing long pants and closed toe shoes with a slight heel. Flat soled shoes are preferred. Samantha provides helmets if you do not have an ASTM/SEI approved helmet for horseback riding. 

How long will I be riding the horse for?

All students in an hour long lesson learn to groom and tack the horse prior to riding. For the first few lessons this may take a little longer to ensure everything is doing properly and safely. Once the student is able to do this process more quickly, they will ride for more time. Usually riders are in the saddle for about 30 min. 

Can I bring treats for my horse?

YES! Horses love carrots, apples, horse treats, and even frosted mini wheats! 

What payments do you accept?

Cash, Check, Venmo and Paypal are accepted. At this time Samantha does not have a credit card option. 

Where are you located?

Samantha teaches out of Willow Rock Ranch located in Lakeside, CA. She will travel to other parts of San Diego and Poway to teach people on their own horses. 

Where should I park?

Park under the three trees facing the pool.

What are the ranch rules?

Please drive slow. 5mph on dirt driveway

No smoking anywhere on the property

Please do not pet/touch/feed any horses unless given permission by Samantha or the owner